SOFT-DE-Ville :)

Before the October ends, our office has its own little Halloween bay decoration wherein each department or teams will have to design their own bay with the theme ZOMBIE LAND 🙂 Our team come-up with the idea of WALKING DEAD since kuya Jek and Five loves to watch it, they decided to use it for our own theme. We made some-what America’s known landmark such as Statue of Liberty and San Francisco Bridge.

San Francisco Bridge

The San Francisco Bridge

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty 🙂

Our team have the least number of members compare to other team who has a huge number of members it didn’t become an issue to us because we still manage to work like them. We divide the task so that we could work fast and maximize our time. Since Sir Alex will be out for a couple of weeks, he already help us in painting the buildings, also he give us candies for the trick or treat and he gives the best effort that he can give for our team before he leave for his vacation.

Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


When September ends, October comes…

I know we still want to extend the month of  September but we must accept that it already ends and now October comes, a new month to enjoy. Before when I was still studying, I love it when it is October comes why because it is an indication that my “SEMESTER BREAK” is coming!!! 🙂 Now, that I am working I miss having those 2 – 3weeks vacation. 😦 Anyways, whenever OCTOBER comes there are only two (2) things that comes to my mind.  First, it is the month of Mama Mary and October 10 🙂

Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

All about abby



I am a daughter of God. A Scholastican and PCSians by heart. A simple and yet sometimes kikay or fashionable lady :) I am an only child, being an only child didn’t make me a bratt or spoiled but it make me an independent young lady. Yes you hear it right a YOUNG lady, I don’t wanna be called a lady even if I am 20 years old. I always want to be recognized as young or youth. :)

Magpatuloy sa pagbasa