Hi while I was browsing my facebook account last November 20, 2012, I saw in e-plus page (Entertainment. Privileges. Lifestyle. Upgrades. Surprises) powered by SM Cinema that they have a free movie day for everyone. I was a bit excited since I am a moviegoer person. Movie day is one of the dates that my special friend and I love to do aside from shopping hahaha but most of the time we argue on what movie to watch. We don’t have the same movie genre that we like. I am more of a chick-flick, comedy, love story and horror while him is more on suspense, action and sci-fic movie.


Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


Spell K-A-T-H


Since it is the Birthday of my dear friend KATHERINE REYES, I dedicate my today’s blog entry for her. Kath and I become friends when I was a 2nd year college student, we were block mates at that time and I was their class representative. At first, I don’t really think that Kath would be my friend because she was so snob at that time. hahaha

Happy Birthday Kath!!! 🙂

hhhhmmmm… I was wondering now how the two of us become friends???? AHA! 🙂 I know now, it is because I became her seatmate back then. 🙂 and since I am such a TALKATIVE person, I talk to you about my lovelife!!! hahaha 🙂

Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


Last October 26, 2012, We had our Kiddie Trick or Treat in our office. Each department must prepare candies for the little kids and these little kids must wear their favorite cartoon character. The human resource department of our office prepare games and activities for the kids. The little kids will also roam around to ask for candies. I invited my little nieces to attend the kiddie trick or treat.

My little Superheroes

My little nieces wear a BATMAN, FAIRY, PIRATE, GHOST and BIG SMILE costume. 🙂 Look at how they pose in the camera hahaha so cuteee…. Magpatuloy sa pagbasa