Using my MediCard at Makati Med

My MediCard

My MediCard

Hi every one, its been months since I haven’t write here. Sorry I got busy catching up with my family and friends plus I got sick for almost 4 days. Last August 16, 2013, I woke up at around 3 in the morning because my body was shaking and my head hurts so bad. I try to get out of my bed and go to my dad’s room to wake up him up and asked him to get me a Biogesic downstairs. My dad go back to my room and gave me a glass of hot milk and said that I must drink that first before drinking Biogesic. I drink biogesic and it gives me a short ease of pain but after 4 hours my head hurts again and my body gives a hot temperature again.

The next day, I am still not feeling well so my dad told me that I must go to a doctor already and had my check-up. He was giving me money but I refuse and told him that I do have a medicard (a health benefit from my work). I call the hotline for medicard. The staff who answer my phone was  approachable she assist me well and told me that the only accessible medicard hospital or clinic to my house is the Makati Medical Center and she told me that the clinics, medicard offer has a lot of customer. I ask my Aunt to come with me because my dad has a work on that day and he still have a little trauma in going to the hospital after my mom died, me as well I never like going to hospital cause I remember my mom.

Anyways, we went to Makati Med at around 11:20 in the morning. The medicard for Makati Medical Center is located at  2nd floor room 273 of tower 1. As we go there, I notice that there were a lot of people holding a card. I ask one of the staff in what would I do, she said I must pick a number and wait for my number to be called. I got confused because there were two numbers the red one which is in odd numbers and the blue one which is in even numbers. There was also a note in between these number saying that the red card was for consultation, minor use only while the blue cards were for operations, major use. I get a red one since I would just be having my check-up. I waited for only 15 minutes because the system was really fast. When my number was called the staff ask for my card and valid id then she tap my medicard into their machine and gave me a piece of paper afterwards. She told me that I need to fill-up my name, address, contact number and signature while she will be the one to fill up all the other things needed. She told me that I am patient number 3  and I need to be back at 1:00 in the afternoon because the doctor is having his lunch. It took me only less than 5 minutes with that process. It was only 11:40 in the morning. My aunt ask me if I am hungry, I told her I’m not so we just waited outside Makati Med then at around 1:05, I was already called. I told the doctor about my sickness and he told me that my temperature was fine and I just need to have a blood test to check if there is not infections.

As I walk-out of the doctor’s room, the staff get my paper, sign it and told me that I need to go to the laboratory department at the ground floor. I went downstairs and ask one of the utility men to ask where the laboratory department is. He told me that it is at tower 2. Upon entering the laboratory department, the guard gave me a number and said that I must wait for my number to be called. My number was called and I went to the register area. They validate paper, gave me a new paper since I didn’t have a record before and was told that I must wait for my number to be called at the cashier area. After 3 minutes my number was called and they just check my paper, sign it, gave me a receipt and told me to proceed to laboratory department. After a few minutes my number was called at the laboratory and the guy interview me first before the girl besides her get some bloods. Actually, I didn’t feel any hurt because I got blood test for many times already since I am an anemic person. I only feel sad because I remember my mom when she was at the hospital before she had blood test for almost everyday. How painful she experience with that. The whole laboratory exam procedure only cost me about less than 30 minutes and I was amazed by their system despite that there were a lot of people having their blood examination. Thumbs up Makati Med! 🙂

So my aunt and I ate first because its already 1:30 in the afternoon and my result will be available at around 2:30. We ate at Tapa King. Since my doctor told me to avoid eating black color food I decided to eat arroz caldo. Infareness they have a good arroz caldo. 🙂 After eating, we went to laboratory and get my result. As I see my result, I get a little bit shock cause my hemoglobin was normal. It never became in a normal status before. I went back to my doctor to let him read my result but he was not there anymore and I was told to come back on Monday.

To sum it up, my overall experience was a THUMBS UP!!! The service of both MediCard and Makati Med were convenient to me. I never feel the “tagal” moment in it. I feel relax and satisfied. I didn’t even pay any cents of it. I was happy and would recommend medicard and Makati Med to my friends and family. 🙂



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