Late Post: Don’s Birthday at Dad’s June 16, 2013 :)


The Birthday Boy enjoying his Tempura 🙂


Last June 16, 2013 was the 26th Birthday of my super partner-in-crime Don. We plan to celebrate it at Viking’s but unfortunately the slot were full already and they could not accommodate us because Don’s birthday was also a father’s day celebration. We went at Dad’s Megamall at around 4:00pm because I had my lunch with my dad first at Tokyo-Tokyo before going with Don. As we went there, the lady told us that their dinner buffet will start at around 6:00pm but we could place already our reservation so Don and I decided to stroll around Megamall. At around 5:45 in the afternoon we go back to Dad’s and they already accommodate us. Don presented his valid because Dad’s has a birthday promo 3-days before and after your birthday you could get a free eat-all-you-can as long as you have one paying adult with you. 🙂

That was my first time to eat at Dad’s but my aunt told me we already eat there when I was still a baby. 🙂 So as I went inside, I was a bit shocked because there were a lot of food choices. The Saisaki was for Japanese food such as sushi, tempura, wasabi and etc. The Kamayan is for Filipino food such as pansit, hilaw na mangga with bagoong, laing, halo-halo and etc. While for dad’s itself was for lechon, steak, cordon bleu and etc. I tried their cordon bleu, barbe-q, lechon, prawn, grilled liempo and garlic rice. I know that most of my friends told me not to eat rice in a buffet but I can’t help it, my tummy was craving for rice. For the main dish must say that I love their cordon bleu because the sauce blends so well there was a little sweet and sour in the sauce and the chicken has no reddish part meaning it was really cooked well and they have a huge cheese and ham there. I also like the lechon, oh that’s what Filipino known for love for lechon… 🙂 Meanwhile Don tried the chicken they have the fried and garlic ala bonchon style chicken, lechon, barbe-q and cordon bleu. Of course the main dish that Don liked about it is the Chicken because he is really a chicken lover. 🙂 For my second round, I tried their pansit malabon and bihon at the noodles section. I didn’t like much the malabon because I feel there’s something missing in it. I don’t know I am not happy with it. While for the bihon, it is okay but there were a lot of noodles and less veggies. I was expecting for a lot of veggies. I forgot what Don had for his second round. After our 2nd round we went to the dessert section already since I was already full and I am craving for crepe. I must say that I am a CREPE-lover, I love it if it has an ice cream on top of it. I created my own crepe I put an ice cream in it and had mangoes and whip cream at the top. The one who was doing the crepe give me a weird look because most of the people who went there had their crepe with Mangoes and whip cream only while me I put a chocolate and mango ice cream in it. Oh well sorry I am just a weird person when it comes to food. 🙂 For Don’s dessert he decided to have chocolate crepe with papaya in it and now you would know why Don and I clicked being together because of our weird taste for food. 🙂 After the desserts we tried the halo-halo where in you would personally make your own halo-halo. I only remove the pinipig in it because I am not a pinipig lover. After our halo-halo session, we lastly tried fruits. I tried the buko pandan with papaya and ube. While Don just try the papaya and a little watermelon because he loves to eat papaya. For the fruits, I just don’t like the papaya that much because there’s no taste in it. I don’t know I didn’t find any sweet taste in it but Don told me that it is okay and I am just looking for a super sweet papaya. 🙂


At the middle of our 2nd round of food, I ask the singing waiters to sing a song for Don. I ask Don what song he do like to hear and told me “LEMON TREE” because that is his favorite song when he was still an elementary student. OMG! I, myself didn’t know that song I feel like there was already an age gap between us hahaha. We told the singing waiter about that and luckily 2 of them knows the song hahahaha good for Don. Anyways the Lemon Tree song is a great song because you would a little bit dance in it. I personally download an mp3 of it in my iPod after hearing it hahaha. 🙂 After the lemon tree song they finally sing a HAPPY BIRTHDAY song for Don and I saw in his face by then that he was teary-eyed because I make his birthday so special even if I don’t have a material gift to him. 🙂


So over all if I would rate my whole dining experience at Dad’s it was great because they have approachable staff as well. Value for money, well if it is your birthday and if you could eat a lot maybe 695 would be a great deal but if not well dad’s saisaki kamayan is not the best place to eat. You could also check metro deal because they were having a voucher deal for the said restaurant. But overall the food was great, the staff were friendly and the place was neat so for me my dining experience at DADS-SAISAKI-KAMAYAN was SUPER-B! 🙂



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