It’s good to be back


It’s been 3years since my last post on this account. I know marami nawala sa readers ko, sorry.  For those who remain,  thank you…  ðŸ˜˜I got so busy lately that I didn’t find time to write. But here I am going back to my original passion 😊 

I would make sure that my post on my blog would be more of adventures and food trips. I would share stories about my adventure for the past 3 years and how to enjoy your travel without spending too much. 😉 

I would also share my food adventure and would give you my sincere and honest review about a certain food or resto. I will tell you if the price is worth it for the taste and quantity of food. Well I know, we Filipinos love food. Right? Like what my friends used to tell me “Okay lang walang lovelife wag lang food” hehehe… 😂 I may look thin and a person who doesn’t eat a lot but I do and love piggin’ out… 🐷

I would be also posting about fashion,  makeup,  diy, advice or news (not fake news) ✌ You may also suggest what topic would you like to be discussed or be posted… I am willing to do that… 😉 Also give me a month, I will try to learn the video blog thing… 😊 Please bear with me…🙏

oh sha! Bye na muna masyado ng mahaba post ng ate niyo.  Til my next post…😘😘😘