So What’s with March 25???

Hello everyone!

It’s been weeks since I last check and write on my journie blog. 🙂 I was thinking of writing about my Boracay trip and share it but unfortunately the pictures was at my laptop and I am currently at my work now. 😦 But don’t worry I still have something worth smiling to share to.

Sir Alex's Table :)

Sir Alex’s Table 🙂

Last Monday March 25, 2013, my boss had his 4th year anniversary at our office. My office mates (Che, Chui & I) plan something for him a week before. We plan to put some balloons on his desk and write a letter. I ask Che if she could bring her SLR for high quality photo since it is once in a year moment and she said sure. I also invite Ms. Gian to go to Market-Market and have our merienda/dinner since she wasn’t able to go to the farewell party of Kuya Jec and Five and she said yes. So there we had a good set-up for Sir Alex’s 4th year anniversary.

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Late Post: Happy Heart Shaped Doughnuts


Krispy Kreme doughnuts at Bonifacio High Street 🙂

Since I already told you my dearest at my What I did last Valentine’s day post that I won last February 15, 2013, two dozen of krispy kreme heart-shaped doughnuts. Actually I won one dozen and the other dozen was for Don. I ask Don if I could just have his doughnuts because he would not be able to go to Bonifacio High Street and he said sure and he ask me when will I claim it. I told him on sunday and he said “okay, just share it also  to your guards and utility people di ba sila kasama mo pag sunday?”. Awww Don was so sweet, and I told him sure thing. 🙂 So after Don agree that I could have his doughnuts, I ask Chloe of Krispy Kreme in facebook if I could claim Don’s doughnut because he would not be able to claim it because he is has a work at Bulacan and could not travel to Taguig and Chloe said yes! 🙂 So hooray, I have two dozen of doughnuts. Here I would like to share my experience in claiming it. 🙂

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There’s always a good in goodbye’s :)


Hello Everyone since I miss writing in my blog here I am my 2nd entry for the day. 🙂 As what my title goes there’s always a good in goodbye’s, YES! because in every goodbyes a new beginning comes along.

Last Friday March 15, 2013, our department had our get together and a farewell party for my two office mates (Five and Kuya Jec). Five file her resignation last February 13, 2013 while kuya Jec file his resignation last February 19, 2013. Both of them still needs to render their service for one-month to train the new employees. It is also the party for introducing the newbies of our department.

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Late Post: Mom’s 59th Birthday… :)



January 10, 2013, three months ago my mom celebrated her 59th birthday. We had our small party in our house. My mom’s cousins from the states who is currently have their vacation in the Philippines went to our house. My two aunt were the one’s who organize the whole preparation since my mom is sick. While me on the other hand was assigned for the invites and preparation. I cannot decide what give then my dad told me that I should buy a cake since it is the only thing missing. A day before my mom’s birthday I went to MARKET-MARKET with Ate Mae, my cousin’s girl friend. I look for CONTIS but they told me that MANGO BRAVO was already out of stock. 😦 That’s why I decided to choose RED RIBBON since the only choices left was GOLDILOCKS or RED RIBBON. I know my mom was not fond of Goldilocks cake. I cannot decided between ube cake or mocha cake. I love ube cake and my mom hates it because she called it as “MAALIKABOK CAKE” hahaha 🙂 I ask the lady at red ribbon if I could put happy birthday in ube cake and she told me I can’t that’s why I decided to choose MOCHA CAKE. As I went home I want my mom to be surprise and I want her to feel that I don’t have any gift for her so I ask my cousin if I could put the cake in her refrigerator so my mom would not be able to know that I have a gift for her.

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Somethin’ Fishy aches my tummy :)


Last friday night February 22, 2013, my office mates decide to eat at somethin’ fishy in Eastwood mall.  Since we haven’t spend our prize from last year’s Christmas bay decoration contest, we decided to spend it here at somethin’ fishy. It was also the last time that will be able to spend the whole night just the four of us because this coming week, we will have new babies in our department. I am happy and yet sad because someone will come along to replace someone. :l *mixed emotions*

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Pre Birthday Celebration

Hello… 🙂 It’s been a while since I wrote in my mini online diary. 🙂 I hope every one and everything is doing well. I had just came back from my 5-days vacation (i’ll tell the story of my vacation some other time). Anyways, Last January 25, 2013, me and my office mates including my boss went out for a merienda/dinner to celebrate my birthday. It is a day in advance celebration since my actual birthday is January 26.


My Allsectech Family 🙂

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21 things I wish for my forever 21 day… :)

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” MOTHER THERESA

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.”BEN CARSON


Hello everyone! Yesterday I wrote the list for my bucket-list before I turn 21 and now I would like to give you my 21 things that I wish for. Of course every birthday celebrant wishes to get a gift on his or her birthday. hahaha 🙂 Call me material girl but everyone has his or her own wishes right? 🙂 I didn’t expect of all these to came true but who knows I might get all the things I wish for. *crossing my fingers*

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